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How do I know that Fintech Invest is the right Finance consulting support for me?

Our clients say 3 things about us.

  1. We understand the brief and stick to it.
  2. We are honest in our assessment of scope & Priorities. Where we know more important issues surface during our work, we communicate these quickly & with agility reprioritise
  3. We are Data & Fintech specialists

How Do You Customize Your Services For Niche Companies?​

Its Simple
1. We have standardised questionnaires which we use to begin the assessments
2. we give a formal 10 day assessment report.  We also hand over to the Board a 90 day "snap-shot" . and a full customisable plan when we exit the engagement .
3.  We have 3 levels of service provision.

My Company Is Struggling In A Changing Marketplace. Can You Help Us Stay Relevant?

Competitor Analysis is critical as is eco-system scanning. We do this through our AI tools and access to Investor landscape reports.

Why Fintech & why now?

Data companies are now becoming banks, & Banks data companies. 
We often are asked how we know what is a successful Fintech, and the answer is always it fulfils a need. 

We have always prioritised need & demand as the centre of our proposition.


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